Best Pro Tips on How to Prepare for A Successful Cataract Surgery

Best Pro Tips on How to Prepare for A Successful Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the best corrective measure you could think of when developing cataracts. It is safe, fast, and simple, with a high success rate. Millions of cataract patients across the globe have been healed with perfect sight after the procedure. So, you can be sure of the excellent result with complications afterward.

Meanwhile, proper preparation prevents poor performance. That means you can only have a successful cataract surgery session and outstanding results if you are adequately prepared for the task ahead. Have you ever heard of people returning from cataract surgery sessions with more severe eye infections? They failed in their preparation. Without a doubt, adequate preparation will help you reduce or even avoid the risk of having complications during or after the surgery. 

Best Pro Tips on How to Prepare for A Successful Cataract Surgery

So, now that you know the essence of proper preparation, how do you go about it?

Over the years, I have entertained several questions about cataract surgery. Interestingly, most of them are centered on knowing the preparatory dos and don’ts for a successful surgery. You are not a medical doctor, and most likely your first time.

From a professional point of view, I will explain everything you need to know and do to get the best out of your fourth coming cataract surgery. Shall we take it from your pre-to-do list? Perfect!

Before the surgery day, you need to do the following:

  • Have an A-scan. During this test, your doctor will measure the size of your eye and examine the shape. This test is necessary to guide your doctor to know which artificial lens will be best for your eyes. For the records, cataract surgery involves removing the affected lens and replacing it with an artificial one. 
Best Pro Tips on How to Prepare for A Successful Cataract Surgery
  • Discuss your current medications with your doctor. Before the surgery, you must provide a detailed explanation of your current health status. During the discussion, your doctor may ask you to provide a list of all the drugs you take. Honesty, make sure you expose all your self-medication practices, including the supplements. Why? Some medications may cause complications during or after the surgery. They may even hinder your eyes from healing on time. After the conversation, your doctor may have to stop you from taking any of those drugs before the day of the surgery.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking as a habit is harmful to the health of your eyes. So, going for cataract surgery as a smoker can make the procedure ineffective or even cause more damage to the eyes. Smoking can also is not allowed after cataract surgery as it may slow down the effect of the procedure. As you might have also noticed, staying away from smoking is one of the best preparatory practices for a successful procedure.
  • Start new medications. It is not ideal to go for cataract surgery having other eye infections. Else, you would be putting your eyes at the risk of more severe damage. So, you may have to start particular medications to cure every infection in your eyes before the day of the surgery. Meanwhile, you must speak with your doctor for a prescription and allow him to determine which medication is good for you. 
  • Don’t eat or drink about 12 hours before the surgery. Youn must take note of this tip and make sure you don’t violate it. So, would you go to the surgery center hungry? Not really. You may have to plan it in your meal to have the strength to return home after the cataract surgery. 

Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Your Cataract Surgery

Another important aspect of your preparation for cataract surgery is to book a consultation session where you and your doctor will discuss the success of your surgery extensively. During this short interview session, you must ask your doctor everything you need to know about the procedure. 

If you are not sure about certain things or are nervous, this is the time to share them with your doctor. During your visit, you need to also speak up about your health concerns and share your health history with your doctor. Above all, there are specific questions you must not miss to ask when you finally have your doctor sitting with you for some minutes.

Here are the most important questions to ask your ophthalmologist before cataract surgery:

Best Pro Tips on How to Prepare for A Successful Cataract Surgery
  • Is cataract surgery the best solution for your vision imperfection?

If cataract surgery is the proper antidote for your vision problem, it is essential that you. In some cases, people merely attach their eye problems to cataracts, but it is not. In other cases, some patients’ present health status might delay the healing process or cause minor complications afterward. 

  • Is there any risk associated with cataract surgery?

How would you feel to know that the magical cataract eye corrective procedure can also come with some side effects? It happens. So, do well to ask your doctor if there are some minor complications you need to watch out for after the surgery.

  • How long will it take to recover?

You need to know how quick your recovery process will be after the procedure. For some, it takes about eight weeks, while others may not have the perfect vision until ten weeks. It is good to let your doctor give you a specific period to expect total restoration. 

  • Should I cancel the surgery?

At times, your vision problems may not necessarily need surgery. A few recommended medications might suffice. For that reason, it is good to ask your doctor if you still need to continue with the cataract surgery plan or abort it. However, that would be after he might have examined your eyes.

  • Will the cataract surgery affect my everyday life?

This question is more important if you are under official employment or have an important assignment that requires everyday attention. Your surgeon should inform you how long you will stay away from your daily routines or things you shouldn’t do after the cataract surgery. That will help you plan for post-cataract surgery life.


While waiting for the day of the cataract surgery, you have to stay calm. Meanwhile, it is customary to be anxious about the forthcoming procedure, but you don’t have to be nervous. You may try listening to music or any audiobook if your choose to distract yourself. Better still, encourage yourself with the numerous success stories you have heard about the procedure. 

Tips on how to know the best Lasik eye surgeon

Tips on how to know the best Lasik eye surgeon

Getting a competent ophthalmologist for Lasik surgery can be challenging. To know the best eye doctor for this surgery, one must be ready to go the extra mile. People are saying different things about ophthalmologists these days. Some said the best way or the best place to get a competent eye surgeon is online. On the other hand, another set of people believes that the result of their competency that is online is fake. So, this set of people advised that one should look for an eye clinic. They believe that if you choose an eye clinic around you, you will be able to do some questioning to know if you are safe.

Tips on how to know the best Lasik eye surgeon

Then, there’s confusion. I am not here to tackle people’s ideologies or opinions. I only want to set or write something different from what you might have seen about this topic online. So, please permit me to shift your attention from the two sets of people I just mentioned. If you believe that the best place to get a competent eye doctor for your lasik eye surgery is online, you are right. And if you are on the other side, you are also suitable. But there’s a thin line between these two ideologies. Although they can both work, but one might lose it or fall into error on both sides. I have heard people complaining about what they experienced with the eye doctor they picked online. Likewise, I have seen people raining curses on the eye doctor they found around them. 

So, I think we have a clean slate to build something tangible. Therefore, I urge you to pay attention and shun all distractions. But before we proceed, please permit me to explain Lasik surgery procedures briefly. 

What is Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik surgery uses a laser to resolve, reshape, and correct the eye’s cornea whenever there’s a vision problem. So, what happens doing Lasik surgery? There’s a thin cornea flap in the upper layers of the cornea. The flap is lifted. The work of a laser is to reshape the corneal tissue underneath. The essence of doing this is to ensure that light focuses better on the retina. So, when the process is carried out carefully, the corneal flap is restored to its original state. This fantastic process remains one of the most used strategies for correcting vision problems. However, one must not forget that this process requires specialized knowledge in its operation. This implies that a competent Lasik eye Surgeon must be the one to handle your eye if you want to tell a positive story about how this process restores your vision.

Tips on how to know the best Lasik eye surgeon

Why do you need a competent Lasik surgeon?

Lasik eye surgery requires specialized knowledge in its operation. You cannot assume that all eye doctors will perfectly and successfully take you through this process. Not all of them (eye doctors) can carefully carry out this procedure. 

Also, you need a competent ophthalmologist for your Lasik eye surgery to reduce the risk of battling complications after the surgery. Don’t be shocked. Countless people lost their sight entirely because of the doctor’s incompetency. I have heard about cases like bleeding after Lasik eye surgery due to the carelessness of the ophthalmologist. Some people get infected, while some have to undergo another painful surgery before they can see again. Honestly, no one should persuade or motivate you on this. You need a competent ophthalmologist to ensure that your vision will be fully restored. 

How do I know the best Lasik surgeon?

If you’ve been following, the word “how” will surely come to your mind. Let me hit the nail on the head to prevent assumptions. I am not here to show you another “how” that is different from the one you’ve known. But I want to take you through a process that will help you. 

Firstly, it is not harmful to search for a competent surgeon online. As a matter of fact, the world is going digital. Almost every service and good are from the digital world. So, getting an ophthalmologist online is not a problem. What are the things to do? When picking an eye doctor for your Lasik eye surgery, don’t choose based on the rankings you see online. Let me give you an instance. You are in Sydney, and you want to get a competent eye doctor for your Lasik eye surgery online. Then, you pick up your mobile phone to search for the “best Lasik eye surgeon in Sydney.” Search engines like Google will suggest some ophthalmologists based in Sydney to you. The search engine will rank them. So, please don’t choose the first in rank to assume that you’ve chosen the best since it’s the first in rankings. One might fall into error. 

Tips on how to know the best Lasik eye surgeon

So, what are the things to do? After seeing the result of your search, please carefully look into the website of anyone you want to pick. Read the biography and the surgeon’s educational background before concluding on visiting or contacting him. Also, you can check out positive reviews. Reviews are what people have said about the surgeon. Before choosing a surgeon, make sure that the rate of positive reviews on his web page is up to 95%. Of course, not everyone will say something good about him. But the moment you find one with at least 95% of positive reviews, there’s a tendency that you are in the right place. 

Secondly, after choosing one out of many, it is expedient for you to use questioning to know if the ophthalmologist is the best candidate to take you through Lasik eye surgery. You should be able to ask questions like; how long have you been doing Lasik eye surgery? What are the likely complications that may occur after doing Lasik eye surgery? Ask him to tell you some of his experiences while carrying out Lasik eye surgery on his patients.

On a final note

I hope you’ve found something instructive, informative, and educative. Please kindly share the link to this page with friends and family. Finally, you are free to drop your question in the comment box.    

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Top 5 Reasons For Athletes Choose LASIK Eye Surgery

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

Top 5 Reasons For Athletes Choose LASIK Eye Surgery

Top 5 Reasons For Athletes Choose LASIK Eye Surgery

As an athlete with a passion for optimizing the pitch’s optimum performance, you will understand the importance of overall sound health. Your overall well-being is the source of the field’s energy, agility, and creativity. If anything wrongs with any part of your body, your skills can’t even stand in the gap. 

Sport is an activity that requires clear vision. Have you seen those athletes demonstrating excellent performance and winning several credit accolades? Those are the ones that have taken proper care of their vision.

If you examine some great sportsmen like Tony Aikman, Tiger Woods, and LeBron James, you will notice they have one thing in common aside from being professional athletes. What could that be? They have all undergone lasik eye surgery. Little wonder they can aim at even the tiniest target and shoot accurately. 

Without a doubt, LASIK eye surgery can take your career to the next level. Whether you are into football, basketball, golf, racing, or any other, you need a perfect vision to perform at an optimum level. 

Eyeglasses and contact lenses can affect an athlete’s performance. It’s a different level of brawl trying to cope with the inconveniences and discomforts involved in using those corrective measures. Imagine you have to jump or run with your eyeglasses on; that’s a lot of struggle. 

Top 5 Reasons For Athletes Choose LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is, by all means, the best vision correction option for athletes. Here are five reasons you should choose LASIK eye surgery over eyeglasses and contact lenses. Learn more about other top reasons to choose LASIK for your vision correction.

Top 5 reasons for athletes to choose LASIK eye surgery 

1. Improved performance

One thing is sure; there’s a limit to what you can do when your vision is poor. All skills in sport require a balanced focus of the eyes. A footballer needs an excellent vision to make accurate passes, basketball players need good vision to shoot the net, sprinters need high-quality vision to keep on track without crossing lanes, and the same applies to all sportsmen. 

After a LASIK procedure, you are expected to have the sharpest vision possible, even better than you saw. When athletes undergo the LASIK procedure, they see better. In sports, good sight promotes better performance. Lebron James and Tiger Woods are not at the peak of their career as a fluke; they have both done LASIK eye surgery, which is paying off in their performance on the pitch. 

2. Convivence and comfort 

Certain sports activities such as boxing, racing, football, basketball, and even swimming discourage eyeglasses or contact lenses. As a matter of fact, athletes in that sporting area cannot survive a competition using those corrective measures. 

For instance, a swimmer wearing contact lenses when moving in water might have vision damage. How about boxers, footballers, and sprinters. According to recent research, athletes with eyeglasses claim they experience a lot of inconveniences and discomforts being under pressure to ensure that the glasses don’t fall and break. 

Sporting makes athletes sweat excessively, which could be bad news for athletes who wear eye contact. After LASIK surgery, you don’t have reasons to wear any additional vision corrective measures to adjust your sight. LASIK helps you compete conveniently and comfortably. 

Top 5 Reasons For Athletes Choose LASIK Eye Surgery

3. It prevents the risk of developing eye-related injuries

Sustaining a perfect vision is essential to building a reputable career, after. Hence, getting an effective corrective measure that provides long-lasting results is not negotiable. Though eyeglasses and contact lenses can give you good results, they can also worsen your eye condition if you are not deliberate enough about their maintenance.  

Eyeglasses can sometimes get broken and contact your eyes, thereby causing a severe facial injury. For contact lenses, you have the mandate to visit your ophthalmologist for updates consistently. Failure to do that on time might be putting your eyes at risk of danger. 

LASIK gives you a perfect sight without any complications. Patients enjoy sharp vision all life long, having no complaints. Going for LASIK surgery can help you maintain the best vision throughout your career, and you are also free from eye-related injuries. 

4. It boosts athlete’s confidence

Your confidence soars hundred percent as an athlete when you have overall sound health. Reports show that most athletes become more audacious when they return from a LASIK eye surgery. That is not far from the fact that they become proud of their perfect sight afterward. 

No doubt, LASIK is a game-changer. A significant change in vision makes athletes step up their game to start recording ground-breaking achievements. Conversely, eyeglasses and contact lenses make athletes lose morale. The deliberate effort to ensure your contacts or glasses don’t fall off can drastically affect your performance. In reality, you don’t have to depend on eyewear is enough to make you step on the field like Caesar advancing o the battlefront. 

5. Quick recovery    

If there is a must-know reason for athletes to have LASIK eye surgery, it’s the fact that it helps them heal quickly and return to the pitch in no time. Professionally, athletes shouldn’t stay off the pitch for too long. So, quick recovery is of great essence.

LASIK is widely known for its quick healing process. On average, patients get the expected result within the first 24 hours. After that, you are expected to revisit your doctor for post-LASIK tests and medications to make every necessary change. All things being equal, your vision should be perfectly restored within a few weeks. Meanwhile, how quick your vision recovery is depends on how deliberate you are with your aftercare treatments. Your doctor would give you some professional guidelines to help you recover within the expected period.


LASIK is the best option for athletes to correct all levels of sight imperfections. Eyeglasses and contacts are also effective, but none of that eyewear can give you convenience, comfort, and confidence as LASIK. Before you go for a LASIK consultation, it is recommended that you discuss with your doctor to know about your eligibility. 

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is the most commonly performed and the most prominent among other laser refractive surgery methods. It is mainly suggested that patients with more severe eye issues be the most effective corrective measure to restore their vision to the initial healthy state.

In reality, LASIK provides lasting solutions to impaired sight, allowing patients to have clear vision throughout their lifetime. In most cases, surgery lasik makes the vision get clearer even more than it used to be before the eye laser surgery. Based on first-hand experience, some people don’t get to see a perfect vision until they have done LASIK, as they might have developed some eye issues right from birth.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

Of course, LASIK is the right word for providing lasting solutions for impaired vision. However, it is surprising that many eye patients don’t consider it the best option. 

How could that be? 

A recent survey revealed that many eye patients prefer contact lenses or eyeglasses to LASIK for several reasons, like fear of eye damage, lack of surgery funds, and more. How true is that? Is it just a myth or fact? Read along to unveil the less known reasons LASIK is your best vision corrective option. 

This article will share five mouth-watering facts about LASIK, which will convince you to choose LASIK over contact lenses or eyeglasses. Are you ready to learn? Here you go.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

Top 5 Reasons to choose LASIK Over contact and Eye Glasses

1. Convenience and Comfort

If you have ever used eyeglasses or contact lenses, you would have experienced some painful inconveniences in the past. Indeed, contacts and glasses make life harder for their users. Practically, they control the life of their users as the latter would have to avoid some crucial tasks that can add value to them because of contacts or glasses. 

Imagine wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses for the rest of your life. It’s going to be tough. Indeed, the situation can get worse. No one can do the running around conveniently with eyeglasses or contacts. Hence, the best way to have a corrected vision with peace of mind is to go for laser surgery, and LASIK is the best in that category.

LASIK surgery makes you feel comfortable performing all your daily tasks excellently. You can wake in the morning, exercise, read a few motivational books, and dash out to get things done with ease—no stress of looking for glasses or readjusting contacts before performing an activity.   

2. Excellent performance at work

People get more productive when they work without any hindrance. Excellent performance has a lot to do with mental stability. For instance, an athlete cannot perform at his peak when wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. You can imagine how inconvenient it can be moving around the field with eyeglasses or contacts. 

LASIK is particularly recommended for people engaging in physical activities every day. Athletes, artisans, engineers, and the likes cannot afford to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses at work. Click here to learn how to know the best Lasik eye surgeon.

3. Better employment opportunity 

Specific careers, such as military services or first responders, require excellent vision to be employed. As a requirement, recruiters must test the vision accuracy of the candidates before they are considered for employment. People with eyeglasses or contact lenses might be at a disadvantage in those fields of endeavor. In a nutshell, people wearing eyeglasses may have difficulty choosing their desired career if perfect vision is a prerequisite.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

4. It saves money 

It is somewhat surprising that many people opt for contact lenses or eyeglasses as a cheaper way of correcting their impaired vision. In contrast, LASIK remains one of the most affordable eye corrective measures available. And, it is far cheaper than wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses in the long run.

Do you also agree? Let me prove it to you.

The cost of getting LASIK eye surgery is higher than the prices of eyeglasses and contact lenses. It ranges from about $2,000 – to $3,000, depending on the surgery center’s standards and practices. However, that amount is a once-and-for-all payment as you don’t have any reason to have a LASIK surgery twice in a lifetime. 

On the other hand, eyeglasses and contact lenses don’t cost much initially. But, you will end up spending wealth on repairs and replacement within a few years. Time after time, you would have to ensure you see your ophthalmologist for check-ups and reassessment, which are not free of charge. So, if you estimate the costs of purchasing new glasses, frames, contact lenses, and routine check-ups, you will find out LASIK surgery does not cost up to half of it.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose LASIK For Your Vision Correction

5. Sound sleep

Contact lenses and eyeglasses make it difficult for their users to sleep. Not only at night, but you also can’t just take a nap anywhere as you have to maintain certain inconvenient positions before you can sleep. Eyeglasses dictate how you sleep. If you mistakenly sleep on your eyeglasses, it can damage both the lens and the frame, which is already a replacement cost waiting for you. 

Ask your ophthalmologist; he will make you understand how much dangerous it can be to fall asleep with your contacts lenses. Sleeping with contacts too often might damage your eyes.

Here’s why: contact lenses lose lubrication at night. Since you are already asleep, you can’t monitor its maintenance, which is very dangerous to your eyes. However, with LASIK, your sleep gets better. You can sleep anywhere at any time-changing sleeping positions at will. 

Final Words 

The reasons to choose LASIK surgery for your vision solutions are endless. No matter the level of your eye problem, whether mild or severe, LASIK is still your best option. Meanwhile, you need to meet specific requirements to qualify for lasting eye surgery. You can read our post that explains the criteria to be eligible for LASIK surgery.